Welcome to our second blog post about our wonderful Brand Ambassadors. This time we’d like to introduce you to Danuta.


‘Danuta – a mom of 2 girls, a blogger, admin of the Rowan Bay Rabble. I love travelling, hiking and discovering new places. I stay away from popular places and feel the best in ruined palaces, castles, on the mountain rocks or in the middle of the wildwood… And yes, Wildwood is my favourite Rowan Bay pattern at the moment!

I love nature – and that’s what brought me to Rowan Bay: respect for the surrounding world, simplicity in patterns and natural blends 🙂

I’m a blend-geek: my passion is trying new blends! And I love sharing it – organizing wrap tours and tests.


Thank you Danuta. If you’d like to get involved in one of the tester tours organised by Danuta then you can find more information over in our fan group Rowan Bay Rabble